A-Lijn/Prinses Vierkante Halslijn Knie-Lengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk met Roes Kraalwerk (008005918)

A-Lijn/Prinses Vierkante Halslijn Knie-Lengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk met Roes Kraalwerk (008005918)

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Prijs: € 119.95
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Silhouet:  A-Lijn/Prinses

hals:  Vierkante Halslijn

Zoom/Trein:  Knie-Lengte

Stof:  De Chiffon

Verfraaiing:  Roes, Kralen

Strapless:  Mouwen

Mouw:  Korte Mouwen

Stijl Achterkant:  Rits Omhoog

Geheel gevoerd:  Nee

Ingebouwde BH:  Nee

Baleinen:  Ja

Getoonde Kleur:  Salie

Maat:  Algemeen, Plus

Model's Dress Size:  US 2 / UK 6 / EU 32

Modelinformatie:  Lengte:5.7ft Borst:34in Taille:24in Heupen:35in


De jurk is exclusief de accessoires zoals op de foto, zoals bijvoorbeeld stola´s/jassen, handschoenen, sluier, handtas, etc. U kunt contact met ons opnemen om de accessoires apart te bestellen.

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Maaktijd: 7-9 dagen. Zie Details >>

Gewicht: 2000g


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De jurk is Op-Maat-Gemaakt. Of u nu kiest voor een standaardmaat of een Op-Maat-Gemaakt, onze kleermakers maken elke jurk op bestelling. (Zie Verwerkingdtijd). Door "Aangepaste maat" te selecteren, zal uw jurk nog persoonlijker zijn en beter passen.

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A-Lijn/Prinses Vierkante Halslijn Knie-Lengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk met Roes Kraalwerk (008005918)

A-Lijn/Prinses Vierkante Halslijn Knie-Lengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk met Roes Kraalwerk (008005918)

A-Lijn/Prinses Vierkante Halslijn Knie-Lengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk met Roes Kraalwerk (008005918)

A-Lijn/Prinses Vierkante Halslijn Knie-Lengte De Chiffon Moeder van de Bruid Jurk met Roes Kraalwerk (008005918)


V: Kan ik mijn jurk bestelling annuleren of kan ik deze retourneren als ik van gedachten verander?
A: Elke jurk wordt bij DressFirst op bestelling gemaakt, ook jurken met een standaardmaat.Dit betekent dat ons Retourbeleid is dan bij andere producten, bestelt u daarom zorgvuldig.
V: Hoelang duurt het voordat ik mijn artikel ontvang?
A: De totale levertijd is gebaseerd op de tijd die het kost om het artikel te maken en verwerken + levertijd. U vindt deze op de productpagina's.
V: Hoe kan ik ervoor zorgen dat ik de juiste maat en pasvorm bestel?
A: Vergelijk uw unieke maten met het Maattabel en de Meetgids van DressFirst. Door "Aangepaste Maat" te selecteren, wordt uw jurk persoonlijk op maat gemaakt voor uw exacte pasvorm.
V: Kan ik deze jurk in een andere stijl/ stof /lengtebestellen?
A: U moet begrijpen dat elke jurk zorgvuldig gemaakt wordt omprecieste lijken op wat u op de foto's ziet, dus helaas zijn wij niet in staat om de stof/lengte op enige manier aan te passen. Momenteel zijn de twee mogelijke wijzigingen het verwijderen van de sleep en het toevoegen van spaghettibandjes, uitsluitend voor jurken met een eenvoudig ontwerp.

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Product Ervaringen

Door gigiinthehouse
2016-04-07 11:40:10
Very pleased with the dress. It was just as it appeared in the picture (which was a surprise). I would purchase from DressFirst House again.

Door Shaley61
2016-03-19 05:51:30
My dress arrived within a timely manner and was folded nicely inside out in the box. I will be wearing this dress (in silver) to my daughter's nautical theme June wedding, as her colors are navy, grey and coral.

Sizing was quiet an issue for me. I typically wear a USA size 12, however when I viewed the sizing chart, my waist measurement was size 16. Since it's an A-line fitting dress I didn't want to take the chance of it not fitting in the waist, however I have never worn a size 16 in all my life. I ordered the size 16 and tried it on as soon as the dress arrived. It fits perfect in the waist but WAY too large in the bodice. Fortunately, my mom is a professional seamstress and will be able to alter the top portion of the dress to better fit my size. Getting a custom fit dress was an option, but I didn't want to pay an additional $20, as I felt $130 was already quite costly.

The dress is beautiful and as the mother-of-the-bride, I'm looking forward to wearing it.

Door Sue
2015-04-30 12:11:01
My dress just arrived today and when I noticed it shipped from China, I was a bit upset opening up the package because I know you usually don't get what you pay for with China made items. I opened up the package and the dress was nothing like the photo so I was, of course, upset. I started the process to return it and went to take a photo as proof when I noticed something on the inside of the dress. Upon further inspection, I flipped it around and discovered that the dress was shipped to me inside out. Upon closer inspection, the dress was exactly as shown on the web site and it fit perfectly. The quality is superb, right down to the finished seams on the inside, which made me not realize I was looking at the wrong side of the dress. I definitely recommend this company, not only for their quality, but their super fast shipping.

Door Natalie
2015-03-25 17:28:07
I found this dress when I was looking for something to wear to my sister-in-law's wedding. She was pretty specific about her colors, and Dress First didn't have the colors she wanted, but I bookmarked the site and came back for this dress later. I got the sage green as pictured, and I was not disappointed! The dress is high quality, not a stitch out of place, smooth and nice to wear inside, and lovely to look at. The beading is nicely done, not too much and well sewn on. The skirt twirls out from the waist in a full circle, making dancing very fun! It was a fabulous dress for our office Christmas party. Dress First made a gorgeous dress that didn't need alteration, was modest and easy to wear, that shipped on time. Thank you!

Door mbflory
2013-09-15 16:42:52
The dress came quickly and was so beautiful ! Made well, elegant and I cannot wait until the wedding so I can wear it!

Door carol
2013-08-15 05:27:30
I ordered a dress for my daughter's wedding and it was perfect! The ordering and shipping were easy and the dress came when promised. I am very, very pleased with my dress and service provided by Dress First! Thank you!

Door Nancy
2013-08-04 09:43:27
I was really nervous about ordering this dress online. I'd read not so great reviews on other sites about DressFirst and it's so hard to find a modest, plus-sized, cute dress that fits right. Ordering online makes it about impossible. But **DressFirst pulled it off!** I had the sleeves altered to pull the bodice up a little but, but for the price, even with slight altering at home, it was a SMOKIN' DEAL and I LOVE THE DRESS - it's so pretty and lightweight and bright. I did order the fabric swatches first and was very happy with the match. Shipping was super fast. I'll definitely order from this site again.

Door scsmith7189
2013-07-02 16:46:22
I ordered this dress in silver to wear to my sons wedding last weekend. I had a girlfriend take my measurements and then I placed the order on line. In the comment area I asked if the sleeves could be made a little longer. 5 hours later my seamstress was calling to see how long of a sleeve I would like. While I appreciate the prompt attention and the phone call, the timing of the call was not good as it was after 11 pm where I live. Since I was already in bed and not thinking clearly, I just guessed 8 inches, I should have said 12. But that's ok. My dress arrived and I loved it. It was exactly what I had ordered. The only problem was since the sleeves were lengthened the circumference of the sleeve was too tight. I ended up having some one local alter the sleeve to fit since I wasn't sure I had enough time to send it back to be fixed and shipped back before the wedding. She said it was an easy fix since there was plenty of material within the seam to work with. Th color was easy to match a clutch with and I actually found shoes in the silver color with beads and sequines across the toe. I added the same beads in sequines in my up do and everything was perfect! I have been telling everyone about DressFirst House and my coworker just ordered a dress for the annual Art Ball. We have been very pleased with your dresses

Door Barbara
2013-06-29 06:11:44
Overall this is a great dress. The color is a little different than what was depicted in the on-line color chart - but I think that is to be expected. I got a size 12 dress - fits great around the waist, but is too big on top. But, I knew that was going to happen - I will have to get it altered. I didn't know it was going to have a little sparkle on the waist - which is fine and I like it, but I didn't see it in the picture on-line. I am not a fan of the built in bra because they never seem to fit correctly, but I am hoping that it will all work out when I get it altered. The dress came really quickly, and I think the price was really great.

Door Linda
2013-06-19 23:25:40
The delivery was very fast and the dress was packaged perfectly. When open the box, the dress was beautifully sown, and presented just as the picture. Very glad for the shopping here. Thank you very much.
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